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my little cousin got bit by a house spider and she was crying so i went to get some stuff to soothe and numb it but before i could even walk out the door i heard her quietly whisper ‘i can’t handle the responsibility of being spiderman’

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"From now on, both of us… the fun, the happiness, the loneliness, the sadness… let’s talk all about it.”

The feels. My favorite Masaki drama!! 

Oh I miss this so much! It was out on my birthday… Almost 5 years ago >< We should make a petition for a sequel!

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my seventeenth birthday is in a few weeks…and I’m actually kind of sad…i really like being sixteen

but if your sixteen you cant be the dancing queen

thank u little bread stick that made me feel better 


this is the best thing to happen to one of my text posts

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What if you don’t complete the person that completes you?

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But I have seen the best of you and the worst of you, and I choose both.

— Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye, “An Origin Story” (via petrichour)
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It’s so easy to hate. It takes strength to be gentle and kind.

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Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2014

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beep beep

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just spooning my boyfriend

out of his container

it’s ice cream

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things you can do in the uk at 16 years of age

  • get married (with parental permission)
  • start a family
  • join the army where they use guns and bombs and shit
  • move out

things you can’t do in the uk at 16 years of age

  • buy a pair of scissors

are you serious

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